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Spinning Jenny returns! We are very pleased to announce the next Jenny, which will be held at new venue, The Fleapit. DJs Katie Cruel, Miss Is & Alex Jako will play all the best of dark psyche, freak folk and out rock while Rusalnaia, Sharron Kraus and Ex-Reverie will undoubtedly wow you live. 6 entry.

Rusalnaia is about honouring (some would say placating) the Rusalki - mischievous water nymphs capable of tickling victims to death - with song, dance, tree-decorating and wreath-making. Rusalnaia is what happened when Sharron Kraus and Gillian Chadwick, then neighbours in Fishtown, Philadelphia, became friends and decided to honour the Rusalki in each other! The two, coming from very different musical backgrounds, made journeys into each other's terrain until it was no longer clear what the boundaries were. In the collaborative process they became as close as sisters and found their way to the shared musical aesthetic that is Rusalnaia.

Sharron Kraus:
Sharron Kraus is a singer/musician/songwriter who creates music rooted in the folk traditions of England and Appalachia. Her work is characterized by soil-rich vocals, haunting banjo, fine acoustic guitar and visionary word craft. Her songs are populated by a carnival array of fatally charismatic characters, telling tales of enslavement, perversion, incest, obsession, love and death. Sharron's live performances are stark, compelling, and delicate.

Ex Reverie:
he most impressive band to come out of Greg and Jessica Weeks's Language of Stone repertoire so far is Ex Reverie. It's the spawn of Gillian Chadwick, the other half of Jessica Weeks's Woodwose.
Chadwick's singing on the band's debut, The Door into Summer, evokes a more sinister Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention), her voice rising like an incantation over the music and then falling back among the flora. Her tonal flexibility allows her to keep up with the fertile evolution of her suites (more than half the songs here exceed five minutes)

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October 2008 events

Music event
Metropolis - Ryan Li, Photography exhibition
Cybersonica Social
Private celebration
Birthday Celebration 2- 5pm
The FleaPit Doc Night

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Your wall art exhibition at The FleaPit?

The Freedom Gallery at FleaPit hosts a regular changing program of exhibitions.

We aim to present shows of high quality contemporary art in an accessible and welcoming manner, with a view to help artists build their reputation.

Exhibitions at The FleaPit run for 2, 3 or 4 weeks, and for a set fee the artist, or group of artists receive a promoted and staffed exhibition plus an organized private view with complementary drinks and nibbles.

Also as part of the fee is full technical support with the hang and breakdown of the show.


*listing within our online calendar.
*A synopsis in our mail-out.
*Staffed private view
*Open Sundays 10am-2pm to take advantage of the stunning Columbia Road Flower Market's client base.
*Presence within our window light box looking onto Columbia Road.

Artists interested in exhibiting should email a synopsis with images to:

[email protected]
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