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Daniela Zanzotto

Daniela specialises in documentary film making as a director, producer and camera woman, born in the US, of French and Italian parents, she grew up in the UK where she currently lives.

Her latest feature film "Zoned In" has been invited to The 2008 Tribeca Film Festival:

Filmed over 8 years this documentary follows Daniel, an articulate black 16 year old in the South Bronx, on his remarkable journey from a state-run school, to a prestigious university, to his return to the South Bronx as a high school teacher.

ZONED IN - trailer

Follow link to trailer (or cut n past into web browser)

For more information and screening dates concerning this unique film please contact:

[email protected]


Kiosk is a design studio founded by ex-TDR designer David Bailey.
We're based in Sheffield UK, with like-minded collaborators working remotely worldwide.

David Bailey was born in South Yorkshire in 1970. Time passed. By 1993 he was a well travelled skateboarder who had returned to his native Sheffield.

Whilst producing fanzines, club nights and running a skate shop, David met Ian Anderson and went on to become a key member of his Designers Republic, (1997 — 2005).

An eight-year-itch forced the leap to independence in November '05.

Thus... Let's Kiosk!

London Poetry Systems

Welcome to London Poetry Systems, the free online poetry project that gives you the chance to explore new and different areas of what we now call “poetry”.

Although the Systems is based in London we have contributors from all over Britain, who share our passion for innovation and experimentation in poetry.

Help us grow by submitting poems and thoughts to us in any media form. We don’t have any fixed destination in mind - get in touch and join us for the ride.

Henry Stead - Copy Cat from Big Face Art on Vimeo.

Peter Wylie

You may remember the exhibition a while back of paintings of red buses and chip shops by the artist Peter Wylie. Well now he's created a project based on outrageously bright coloured suits that young fishermen wore in his home-town in the early sixties.

Have a look on

Documentary Film Makers Group (DFG)

DFG have been running since 2001, operating as a non-profit organisation. DFG's work falls into three main strands: training, the running of screenings, festivals and forums, and production. A single aim links all their work: to encourage, stimulate, promote and support the growth of a strong community of documentary filmmakers and film audiences.

CIDA, the Cultural Industries Development Agency

We support those working in all areas of the creative and cultural industries - in fact almost any creative sector you can think of!

If you're a creative individual, business or arts organisation looking for support to take your creative business or project further, you'll find it here, whatever stage you're at

Blast Theory

Blast Theory is renowned internationally as one of the most adventurous artists' groups using interactive media.

Led by Matt Adams, Ju Row Farr and Nick Tandavanitj the group has a team of six and is based in Brighton. The group's work explores interactivity and the relationship between real and virtual space with a particular focus on the social and political aspects of technology.

It confronts a media saturated world in which popular culture rules, using video, computers, performance, installation, mobile and online technologies to ask questions about the ideologies present in the information that envelops us.


Immersion is an arena for new and established artists performing live experimental electronic music; using laptops, synthesizers, field recordings, circuit-bent electronics and prepared/processed/custom-made instruments.

All sounds are partnered by stimulating projected visuals processed live and tailored for each performance.
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