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About Us


Local Cafe-Bar Website

We built this website because we have a little cafe-bar. Just having a business open in today’s business climate makes people say “Wow, how’d you do it?” As we reflect on how we are doing it, we become interested in other little local cafe-bars. We like to know what they are doing, too.

Maybe some of our customers will use this website when they travel. They might find a cafe-bar that is similar to ours in some ways. They can use this website to search for such places before they leave. When they are on the road, they can compare the experience at other cafe-bars with ours.

Maybe customers from other cafe-bars will use this website to discover us when they are visiting our neighborhood, too.

Our cafe-bar philosophy is that basically there are two things people like about a good cafe-bar. In the daytime, they want a nice, quiet place to hang out, sip coffee as slowly as possible, and write. The sounds of pencils and keyboards can be distinctly heard. Nobody interrupts them to refill their coffee cups. Of course people buy snacks to go with their coffee, and some people even come in to chat with friends, but the cafe-bar is basically a quiet place.

In the evening, people are less interested in work and more likely to want “adult beverages.” They lower their inhibitions, mingle, and get interested in music, even singing along. So, sometimes we have sing-along nights, open-mike nights, even karaoke nights.

If this is your idea of what a cafe-bar should be, you’re invited to visit our place if you’re in town, or our website if you’re not.